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Successful leaders today need one important new skill that may not have been appreciated in the past-the ability to fail well!

Significant accomplishments of many leaders arises out from hundreds of mistakes and failures. Great leaders like Richard Branson and Howard Schultz of Starbucks provide great examples of how they bounced back from their business failures to create a powerful brand. Read the rest of this entry »


Goal setting in every area of your life creates momentum and focus to raise the bar even higher. Your ability to clearly and systematically create goals, and to make plans for their accomplishment, will help you to achieve success for the long run. Read the rest of this entry »


Your life doesn’t just “happen.” Is there something you always wanted to do but felt like you didn’t have the time? What would it take for you to take action today without holding back on your goals and dreams? Read the rest of this entry »


What if your team had a culture of where they can bring energy, passion, and a positive attitude to the job every day? Imagine an environment in which people are truly engaged to their work, to their colleagues, and to their customers. Read the rest of this entry »


As you begin a new week, think about the people you lead and serve. You may think about how to add value to their lives and make a positive difference. As you begin these positive affirmations to jump start your week, you realize that leadership can be measured in the small mini gestures of finding the greatness in you and others. Read the rest of this entry »


Do you ever find yourself surrounded by people who bring out the best in you? What did they do? How did they make you feel? Did you feel like you could almost fly? Maya Angelou said it best, “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” Read the rest of this entry »

Experience economy

David and his wife Jennifer arrived at the hotel on a Saturday afternoon. As they arrived, they were greeted warmly by the hotel ambassadors wishing them a Happy Anniversary. “Welcome to the Renaissance Hotel, we are delighted to have you here today.” Read the rest of this entry »

2993113-generationsEvery morning Richard conducted a daily huddle with his executive leadership team. It’s a short daily briefing that brings all the managers together in the company to discuss today’s agenda for their hotels. Read the rest of this entry »


Change is a hot topic of a conversation now a days. Everybody wants it. Few actually achieve it. So why only the few achieve it? What’s the hold up?

Most people want to become part of change, but usually waiting on someone else to initiate the first step in order to make change happen from where they are at. Read the rest of this entry »


What’s separates great leaders from good leaders? Accountability! Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City writes in his book about leadership, Read the rest of this entry »


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